More Mile Cheviot shoes

Having trashed my fourth pair of Inov8 Rocklite in as many years I was looking for a tougher alternative when I came across these; the Cheviot trail running shoe from Start Fitness.

I am a fan of this company, they do good kit at the kind of price I want to pay and, as the shoes were going for £29.99 a pair – including a free pair of socks – I couldn’t resist.

So what’s the verdict?

They have what the trade like to call an ‘aggressive outsole’. This is a super-knobbly sole – it has loads of knobbly rubber lugs on the bottom for gripping the turf.

The knobbly bits are just the job and grip most ground nicely. The exception being slimy rock which usually means, whatever you are wearing on your feet, you are going skating.


The midsole (the padding under your feet) is thin, keeping you in contact with the ground rather than floating an inch or so above it.

They were comfy from the first, no abrasions or blisters.

Sadly, these shoes started to fall apart after about 300 miles of running – so nowhere near as tough as my old Inov8 Rocklites. However, I could buy two pairs of Cheviots for less than one pair of Inov8s so this may be the future.

We’ll see.

Postscript: the Cheviots finally gave up the ghost after 500 miles when the holes got too big and started letting medium-sized rocks in to play havoc with my feet. RIP Cheviots – but I did buy a new pair!

28 Apr 2013, 9:03pm
by Noel Carr

Dave have just bought new Cheviots and happy with them, just wanted to ask your opinion on wether it would be advisable to use them on fairly long stretches of gravel and ground that isn’t too mucky now coming into summer. Appreciate any feed back at all.

Thank you

Hey Dave- been looking at a pair of these myself. How do you find the fit? I’m relatively flat footed which can be an annoyance when buying shoes off spec.

What do you think of them in the mud? I’m looking for something that will do a job for xc running and fitness events like the Spartan Race and Tough Mudder

Many thanks


Hi Liam, Sorry for the tardy reply – no excuses, I just haven’t checked my messages recently. The Cheviots are quite a narrow fit, and fit me quite well. I can’t comment on flat-footed-ness, never had that problem. They should be great for those kinds of events ‘cos they are great in mud. Have fun!


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